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Founded in 2001, Commercial Suicide is the world famous Drum and Bass label owned by Tom Withers, aka Klute. It is a really good label. It has served as a mentor to many, mostly by showing others exactly how not to do things.

Klute has conned many stupid people into releasing music on the label. Many have gone on to be really famous, such as; Fleetwood Mac, The Invaderz, Quadrant & Iris, Response, Phil Tangent, Chroma, Amit, the Kooks, SKC, Hive, Calibre, John Tejada, U2, The Upbeats, Concord Dawn, Seba, Total Science, The Who, Klute, Break, Silent Witness, Mindscape, Nymfo, James Cake, Digital, The Spirit, The Communards, Ill Skillz, S.P.Y, Baron, Chris SU, Baron Knights, the list is endless.

Commercial Suicide has no sound and no direction. It serves no claim to “dominate”, “take over” or run ‘tings. It is here with the sole intention of releasing music that Klute sees fit and if you don’t like it, fuck off.

Commercial Suicide nights are available to book globally with the following list of artists suggested (subject to availability and prior approval)

Klute, Nymfo, The Invaderz, Quadrant & Iris, Chroma, Digital, Spirit, Phil Tangent, Optiv & BTK, Chris SU, Mindscape, Break, Silent Witness, Calibre, Dom & Roland, Marcus Intalex, Concord Dawn, Trei, Ant TC1, Dub Phizix, Skeptical, Doc Scott, A.I., Zero T, MC Fava, Stamina MC.

To book Klute or a Commercial Suicide label night, email Alex at alex@bassic.co

To send us a demos, email links to info@commercialsuicide.org